Thursday, December 28, 2017

College Life

It is been said that one of the best days of our life is our " College Life". After the school life, after writing so many exams and entrances, one desires to enter the best college. Some do enter the best college in India, some go to some other country, but who cares its the best phase of life.

The first year of the college being a very boring and scary year, where apparently ragging becomes a part of our life, finishing up with our assignments, seniors assignment and also their notes becomes a daily part of our life. So first year goes by and then comes the second year when we urge to take our vengeance on juniors. Its actually a fun thing to make your juniors sing, dance making them do your assignments etc etc.....

The most irritating part of the college life is writing internals and practicals. We used to love bunking the internals as well as the practicals and at some point we did that too, which at that point of time  we dont realize as we do it for fun, but later on we get the know the after effects. We used to wait for some fighting and strike to happen in college as well as outside so that our college will be shut for a week or so.

The third year and the final year are the two most important years with respect to studies, placements and fun. So many fest comes up like Arts fest, the annual fest and sports day. We usually wait for all these fests to come every year as we get holidays as in no classes, no boring lectures and practicals, the only one thing is fun fun and fun.

The best part or phase of my life was also the college time, where you can enjoy your freedom of speech, thinking and planning. This is the time where you build your image as an individual and you can do whatever you want to do and for me there was one more best thing visiting my grandparents during the weekends. I used to love that as i love to spend time with my grandparents. Once this phase is gone, you enter an another phase of life which is your work life.

So enjoy your college life and also rest of your life as there is only one life and as a Bollywood fan i would say, " Haso jiyo muskurao kya pata kal ho na ho............ 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The day when I met Him

The day when my marriage got fixed in the year 2011, me being a very cool and brave girl suddenly felt so nervous that half of the time I was like irritating my sister, checking out time and walking here and there. When he came to meet me ( actually to check me out if I am walking and talking properly, behaving nicely with elders) etc etc etc.... I was walking like a mad girl upstairs, very anxious to know if they are calling me or not.

That point of time I never knew that this was the person whom I am going to spend my whole life with. To be honest I was overdressed with all sorts of kajal, bindi and all which i never apply or do it. I was in my own dreams and in my own nervous land when suddenly my dad called me and asked me to come down and I was like oh my god what will happen next. When I saw him and when I got to know that he is also sailing in the same boat as of me, I was a bit relaxed.

Everyone over there surrounding me where quite happy on that day, dont know for what reason. Then my Grandma asked me to serve them with whatever was on the table like kheer, idli vada and sambar and ofcourse tea. The girl seeing ceremony how can it end without a girl not giving cup of tea to the boy. The funniest part was I dint even knew his name. Then came question answer time when i had to go and talk to him.

We spoke to each other and basically I was the one who was talking more than him and we we were quite unromantic at that time , we asked our hobbies, college times, professors ( Oh god)...... After our exam time then actually had water and told us we will get back to you by evening. My dad was like ok what did the girl do. I have never seen my dad and my grandpa so anxious and nervous as to what will happen. Suddenly the phone bell rang and they said we are ok for the proposal and if everything is ok for you, we will proceed further. There you go with or without my knowledge my marriage was fixed........... 😉😉😉😉

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Regret Story

We all have regrets of various degrees. We do regret a lot for few things in our life. We wish to undo them. Alas! What has happened can never be reverted. We might even reach a state of mind where we may get scared to take risks or try harder as we are afraid to go through the flurry of emotions again. We keep pondering over the events in our past to take careful steps in present for a bright future. Regret keeps taking a heavy toll on our thought process and might make or break our dreams. If the latter happens, we crumble even more. It becomes a never ending scenario. 
Do we really need to give so much importance to "regret" in our life? If yes, how long should we keep feeling bad? What if doing so keeps giving us more pain day by day, crush our confidence levels and make us more vulnerable? Is such feeling still worth our time?
Else if we decide we should never repent and just keep moving on, is there any guarantee that we can reach our goals with same fervour? If one can really do that, there is no need for any extra motivation :) . 
But many of us do love "regretting" and will be going through that phase a couple of times or even more. To all those who have been through such state like me atleast once in their life, I wish this can be a solution. Forget that there is something called "regret". We don't have to rue for anything that has happened to us. First of all, why would we do something that lets us lament? :) 
We all love our life way too much to do something that eventually can result in self-accusation. Even if we have ever done so, we can look at it as an experience and cherish it.  I am not asking you to move on. We all move on, no matter we make up our mind to do so or not. Moving on is so inevitable. But moving on keeping in mind that we had learned or came across wonderful lessons or situations and not "regrets" is FANTASTIC :)

Going out of flow

"What next?" is the biggest question that keeps bothering us when something doesn't end up the way we wish it to happen. Hours of self thought and assessment may prove futile and lead to greater frustration. Having a number of options in front of us may be chaotic and may mislead us. This ambiguity arises when there is scope to pursue all of those options but there is little clarity in choosing the right one for us. It is akin to deciding whom to label as person 'one' among those sitting around a round table. There may not always be a clock in our life when it comes to moving to the next thing with clarity. But we still keep moving on with the most powerful tools - passion, perseverance and hope. We never give up, we don't have to. We will always look for a plan B or if not plan Z too :). This is because we want to reach our goals and in this process we keep exploring all the available paths. This is so implicit for everyone who have faced a block in pursuit of their dreams. The reason is simple and which we all know - when things don't happen the way we aspire, we fix them up. 
It is easier said than done... This is what we feel when we come across such motivational or practical talks or writings. True. Sometimes things get tough. A feeling that all doors have been closed will be killing us from within. But it is at such times we need to sit calm for a while and realize what we "actually" wish to be. A self analysis at this 'gloomy' or 'uncertainty' state can be a knight in the shining armor. If our "actual" goal is the same as our current one, then we have to keep putting in more efforts to achieve it. There is no harm in putting efforts till our goal is reached as what matters to us is to clinch what we want. What if our "actual" goal seems different from what we have been craving for till now? This is the point which brings 'fear' along with realization. But this is also the point where overcoming that 'fear' and going in the path which we actually wish to leads to gaining our real success. Going out of flow is not so uncommon these days. There are many people who have done that and we are all well aware of this fact. But going out of flow and enduring every moment in that process is DIVINE :).

It's all our choice:)

Craving- the one thing we all have it in common, though on different things. We yearn for many things over the course of time. It can be for a good life, family, friends and of course life partner, or for food items, books, trendy clothes and looks(the most sought after one :D). Our interests keep evolving as we age and bring in lot of confusion. And there might come a time where such cravings seem unreasonable and put us into a state of stupefaction. Sometimes few of the desires become so important that we fail to let them go. We give them control over our thoughts and actions. This can be a threat especially when they make us feel weaker and depressed, taking a toll on our confidence levels. And slowly, the feeling of being in sheer oblivion will bind us strong enough to not realize that there is a lot more to look out for in life. It is at this point of uncertainty we chose to take one of the two paths- Closure or Exposure, the former seeming to be the easiest choice.
Closure can never be a solution. Moreover, it aids in making us feel more vulnerable and succumb to our fate. A fate, which we try to convince ourselves that it is not good. On the other hand, exposure to the new life, new goals and with refueled passion will make us brim with confidence and enthusiasm. Leaving behind the things or memories which make us feel low is an art- an art which only a few of us could master. These people are the most fortunate ones, as they have let go of the incidents or any issue which troubles them. The realization that we don't need to get all the things we long for itself is a boon.
The most essential desire of us is to lead a happy life. A life, where we can feel contented when we look back at it. The key to happiness lies in us defining a happy life. It's again our choice- picking the good events, though they seem few in number and be satisfied, or fretting over the less convincing ones and feel unfortunate. It all boils down to making ourselves to always be in love with our life no matter what :). Every moment in our life is precious and we can't let it go without cherishing it to the fullest. Most of the times, we fail to acknowledge our interests properly and might keep giving more importance to other aspects. The day we understand what we actually need and dedicate ourselves in making it possible is the day we win- a win which stays as long as we live and make our life the most satisfying one. Let's keep craving for and work upon what actually can give us ultimate joy :)

When We Look Back

Life - A general term to every living being but a very specific term to each of us. We all have a story which is unique and keeps evolving till we exist. The best part of life is, we never know what’s in store for us and yet learn to live with the things and events that keep coming. We learn umpteen number of things in this process and mould ourselves to live with all the new learnings. At times, we look back and contemplate over what all has happened till now and the flurry of emotions we will be through is again specific to what we have been through.
While some of us might have great events to cherish, others might have something to regret or brood over. This feeling, though, is not constant. It’s again certain to the present and uncertain in the future. It’s all like running in a circular track where there is no particular starting or ending point. And yeah, the best point is , we keep running, taking few vital breaks.
Looking back is a common act we do - sometimes out of satisfaction and sometimes out of despair. We turn the pages of our life and try to revise few chapters though they may not be the part of the syllabus for our future. We still go through as they are part of our journey. Realizing which chapters to look over and which to close forever is an important learning of all. Things appear simpler and clearer when we are able to make this differentiation. There is a joy of feeling clear and complete.The subtle happiness we get from appreciating the good moments of our journey so far and eliminating the painful ones from clogging our mind again is heavenly.
When we try to eliminate the hurtful memories, we seek various ways to get over them. Our goal will be the same - to not let those memories rule us. But our approaches will be different.Today’s world has given us number of ways to deal with any kind of situation. There is a lot to search for and gain insights on various topics. We are in an era of vast information where too much of it is often making us feel clogged. Taking in the right content is essential. While some of us might find solace in spending quality time alone reading a good book or watching some inspirational videos when stumbled upon biting memories, others go for a walk or hang out with friends or party hard. Ways may be different, but we all seek to not get carried away in the whirlwind of old baggage.
The only thing we need to remember is - no matter how many times or for how long we ponder over our previous chapters, we shouldn’t fail to live with grace and clarity in our present. As what’s our present will be our memory one day and we should make it worth a remembrance :).

Sunday, December 24, 2017

A Trip to Bynekadu

After tedious work schedule, slogging almost everyday we decided to go for a team outing. The team also needed a break, and it is opportunity to break the ice with many of my team mates who think I'm little approachable

Previous night, I was planning for the trip what should be done, and I thought of coming back home after office to take rest and then join the company. But for me, every opportunity is not easily attainable. I have to slog to earn each such opportunities. So I decided to pickup early and started to office by cab.

On my way to office, my wife asked me about the place, whether you will get time to call me. As always I decided to tell positive answers and yes, of course she is smart enough to track me down which she has done many times.

Finally reached my second home, with a big bag which has nothing inside it. Kept it inside the safe locker and reached my seat. When I checked the mail, like always there was something to slog from the black country. Ofcourse the black country helps me to push my limits and I'm proud everytime I comes out victorious. So as always, my close friend(out of office) Bar Boy was there to help me with the resources and somehow managed to get out.

The Journey

The journey started with as usual with Bar Boy, who took us around with his Mobile Bar. I always admired the way, Bar Boy carried himself. He has a positive wave and charm around him. Whenever I comes out with him, there is something to learn. This time, he introduced Bacardi with kismis. That was an awesome combination and we have done our starting shot.

Like always, we have to show we are out to make the situation light. "Roshomon" song from Solo (A Malayalam movies) took away all the laziness from all of us. We were dancing in the bus like there is no tomorrow.

Bynekadu from my lens

To be continued